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2012-06-30 03:39:41 by IaMI2002

2 more days till game Jam ends!

MegamanPHD! yea yea!

2012-06-29 17:46:15 by IaMI2002

So it's MegamanPHD's attitude again. Just like Game Jam 4! Number 4! Freakin hell Man. I can't take it but I'll bare with him this last time.

* just finished a few concepts, lol

Chandler: yeah, i like it
MegapiemanPHD: ....
MegapiemanPHD: really
MegapiemanPHD: why
[MegapiemanPHD: just why
Thomas Au: You'll get it one day
Chandler: mega, can you think up some funny dialogue, and some jokes, and some funny concepts for the platforms?
Chandler: that'll be all you
MegapiemanPHD: theres funny, and theres stupid
Chandler: and then there's newgrounds game jam 7, brought to you buy team chobo
Chandler: *by
Chandler: alright, nighty night
MegapiemanPHD: tom..please tell me your not serious
Thomas Au: just trust me on this one!
MegapiemanPHD: come on man, this is like I don't want to be involvment in this stupid
you have got to be kidding me
MegapiemanPHD: whatever man, I'm going to bed

Okay, this is just here for records :D My characters are not stupid, they are retarded and silly.

Game Jam 7 w/ Team Chobo

2012-06-28 15:40:46 by IaMI2002

I am team choboooo! :D. I had no idea what that word meant until now.

Game Jam 7 w/ Team Chobo

game jam 7 :D

2012-06-28 05:12:01 by IaMI2002

It is the time of the years. Feel free to choose me since it is first come first serve. I will commit to these 3 days as I made sure my schedule opened up! I will do my best and I hope my mystery team will too! :D Best of luck to everyone else.

game jam 7 :D

Hello fellow stick lovers!

2012-02-02 04:06:27 by IaMI2002


Working on a new stick film called "Lipstick". It's been sitting for a while and I've been adding some keys here and there. I am also going to try a few new things since I've learnt a lot from my previous projects. Hopefully, I HOPE I can get this done in a few months while juggling other projects.

Hello fellow stick lovers!


2012-01-28 23:19:51 by IaMI2002

My first Collaboration with someone random is a success, he is no longer random and will be a great partner to team up with!

Batman: Arkham Shitty is complete! Yes!! *invisible high five*

Don't forget to drop by to watch, vote, and review!!! It'll make us wanna make another one for generous viewers like you. Feel free to drop a note to me or Carl if any questions arises.



2011-12-01 04:14:03 by IaMI2002

Sup? Newgrounds

In Need of a Programmer.

2011-05-17 02:52:16 by IaMI2002

In need of a programmer of the unfinished game jam project. All the graphics are done but the programmer seems to be missing. Hit me up if anyone is interested.

It is a side scroller running game.

Game Jam

2011-04-20 15:24:15 by IaMI2002

hey NG

I was Involved in the Game Jam but failed to complete on time. Programmer had trouble with a few glitches but we are still determined to finish. It was a great experience and fun . Hopefully, we can get it together for newgrounds soon and make it a better game with the time now.

an artist dropped out on us, and our other partner doesn't care anymore. I wanted to schedule some time to finish it and he told me . "F*** it, Do whatever you want, I have my own things to do". This shows someone's true personality, and think before you say something because you can't take it back.

Anyways, Thanks for all the reviews,votes and faves on Final Mansion. Much Much appreciated and when I have time. I will read all the reviews and reply.

I am also currently putting together another flash short but won't release anything till it is finalized.

btw. Thank you NG for letting me be on the front page for such along time!! April 4-19th. Never expected it.

Game Jam

Final Mansion!

2011-04-04 03:08:13 by IaMI2002

I have finally accomplished one of my childhood goals and I would like to share it with this community.!

Final Mansion

Hopefully no one realizes there is apart 1 and 2 but if you wanna see my journey, there it is!

Enjoy :D